Welcome To The Philtaku Weekend of Positivity

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Hi, it’s me, Phil Owen. The mean guy. I’m going to be hanging out here on this cool web site all weekend, and I’m going to try something new. As many of you know, I’m kinda a negative person. After my last stint here as guest editor, dear leader Stephen Totilo made a profound suggestion to me: I should write about something I like!


I was skeptical, but after spending the past seven weeks thinking about that, I was very surprised to discover that there totally are some things I like. So in addition to the usual spate of news and #content and Yannick talking about League of Legends, I’m going to tell you about that stuff I like and why I like it. Such things include: Call of Duty, Alpha Protocol, the movie Hitman: Agent 47 and alcohol. Well, I probably won’t talk about alcohol, but you get the picture.

I also like being yelled at, and you totally can do that at me on Twitter, where my name is @philrowen.

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Stephen Totilo

Did someone mention the power of positivity?