Bungie Is Erasing Peter Dinklage From Destiny

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For a long time now, the world has laughed at Peter Dinklage’s voice acting in Destiny, a video game about the slow, inevitable progression of death. Soon, that voice acting is going to change. One might even say it’s going to become legend.


Bungie is recasting the role of Ghost, replacing current voice actor Dinklage with newcomer Nolan North (best known as the voice of Nathan Drake in Uncharted). Starting with The Taken King this September, North will voice all of the little orb’s lines. But this isn’t just for future dialogue: Dinklage was so bad, they’re actually going back and recording all of his lines, expunging him from the game entirely. (They’ll keep the same script.)

This news comes from Game Informer’s September cover story, which is all about The Taken King. “We wanted Nolan North’s version of the Ghost to wake you up at the start of the journey at level one and follow you all the way to level forty,” Taken King director Luke Smith told the magazine. (Yeah—the new level cap will be 40. Apparently they’re getting rid of the Light system, too. More to come later today.)

I can’t imagine North’s cadences will do much to improve upon vanilla Destiny’s incredible script—“We’ve woken the Hive!”—but after the unanimously poor reception to Dinklage’s performance and his disappearance from Destiny’s two DLC packs, I guess this was inevitable.

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Kirk Hamilton