Kirk and I went on the Mythocast podcast to talk about all things Destiny—you can listen to us ramble about The Taken King, Trials of Osiris, and other big Destiny subjects right here.

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No offense, but can Kotaku kill all of this Destiny coverage? It’s shocking that such a mediocre game is approaching a year’s worth of constant updates and pointless anecdotes. Bungie and Activision provided an unfinished product that fell short of everyone’s expectations. Yes, I understand that a bunch of DLC has come out and there’s a supposedly “bigger” expansion on the way, but they should have released the game in the state it currently is in.

The biggest thing going for Destiny is that a lot of people bought into the hype at launch. For every person I know that still plays the game, I know 2 people that gave up on it. I know we’re in the summer doldrums of post-E3, but there has to be some other better games that warrant equal coverage. Everyone who was going to buy Destiny already has; there’s nothing more they can release that will finally sway consumers. Kotaku has released 16 (!) different articles about Destiny in the past 30 days alone. No game is that interesting.

(And for people thinking I’m just hating on the game - I’m not. I put over 100 hours into it, got my fix and then gave it up. I just don’t think it deserves so much constant attention.)