Some Of Mortal Kombat X's Predator References Are Very Subtle

Predator wasn’t supposed to arrive for Mortal Kombat X players until July, but it hit early (by accident) for some, and they’re discovering a few hilarious Predator nods in the game.

My thanks to the rabid fans at /r/MortalKombat for digging these up!

In addition to delivering a playable version of the alien from the 1987 sci-fi flick, the Predator DLC comes with a Carl Weathers skin for Jax. If you happen to equip that skin, you’re treated to the above moment, which is a reference to the most bro-tastic moment from Predator:

You can watch the full scene, courtesy of player vHawkeye, right here. (We can’t embed the full clips on Kotaku, sorry!)


Hmm, who wants to rewatch Predator right now?

DarmanDonphan discovered something waaaaaaaay more subtle, though. Remember this iconic scene, in which Arnold (aka Dutch) gets his first good look at the grotesque Predator?

“You’re one ugly motherfucker” is just one of Predator’s many, many amazing one-liners, and there’s a tiny reference to it in Mortal Kombat X’s new DLC.

If you choose the gun-wielding Erron Black as your character and perform an X-ray move...


Not bad, Netherrealm. Not bad.

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Mr Uppercut

I really wish they would’ve had a fatality where the defeated opponent pleads to Predator “c’mon do it! KILL ME. I’M HERE!”