Paul Krugman Will Punch Your Fucking Teeth In

I wish all articles on economics had Street Fighter style GIFs.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman gets turned into retro-style arcade animations in a sharp-looking Bloomberg piece.

Walter Newton did the illustrations—the amazing, amazing illustrations. I have to agree with Boing Boing’s Rob Beschizza, because I just ended up staring at them slack-jawed.


[GIF: Bloomberg]

But yes, if you like, you can read the whole piece right here, which has even more Paul Krugman fighting.

Top GIF: Bloomberg

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Krugman is the worst kind of self serving douche. If you read his columns he almost always writes them with hedges to cover his ass. He’ll say one thing but introduce 3 caveats that could potentially mean the opposite. Then, when either happens, he declares himself correct. In the rare cases where he has not left himself an out, he has been proven wrong. In those cases, he usually says something “Well, I didn’t count on this person or that person being so stupid”. So that his wrongness is only caused by someone elses superior level of wrongness. It’s almost comical. If you want a good takedown of Krugman, read some of the back and forth between him and Niall Ferguson.