Angelic Diablo Is A Walking Contradiction

Hey there big guy. What the heck happened to you? Aren’t you supposed to be a Lord of Hell?

Heroes of the Storm doesn’t have the best character skins in the MOBA game, but they’ve been getting a lot better recently. Exhibit A: the new “Angelic Diablo” skin for the classic Blizzard villain, which was shown off this week as part of the game’s Diablo-themed “Eternal Conflict” campaign:

Along with wonderful little details like the chainmail on his arms and the halo hovering above his head, Angel Diablo also has some revamped abilities as well. Like his ground-incinerating heroic ability, which now conjures up wispy blue spirits instead of just etching pentagrams into the dirt:


I hope Blizzard changed Diablo’s voice to suit the demon’s new threads too.

The new Heroes of the Storm trailer also confirmed that the image of an Amazon seen in an earlier trailer was just a skin for the existing StarCraft assassin Nova—not, as I had suspected (or wished), a new champion:

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It seems shortsighted of Blizzard to make a skin for one character that so closely resembles another character—one who could totally work as hero in HOTS in her own right. While Novazon doesn’t necessarily preclude the real Amazon coming into the game, it’ll certainly make Blizzard’s job harder if they ever want to do that. Ah well.

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He identifies as an angel, duh.