Rare Is Making A Pirate Game, And It Looks Rad

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Rare calls it their most ambitious game yet: introducing Sea of Thieves, an Xbox One/PC game all about being a pirate.

That means: sailing, ships, swashbuckling sea captains. The best parts of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, but playable with your friends, judging from the footage debuted today. Awesome!


Some deets:

  • You’ll have access to land and sea. Land footage made it seem as if you can set up camp there, explore caves, see wildlife, and find treasure. Or dead bodies. One of those!
  • Kraken might be real? Or at least is hinted at.
  • Many different players can command a ship, each one taking control of a different aspect.
  • Skeletons confirmed. Sharks too.
  • You can totally battle against other ships.

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I’m glad they didn’t try to do a Banjo game or something because it would just pale in comparison to Yooka-Laylee.

Current Rare is not the Rare we grew up with. They should be doing their own things like this.