And Now Persona's Dancing Bear

The alternative headline for this post was “Hot Blond Dancing In A Teddie,” but that would have confused our Japanese readers who know Persona 4’s mascot as Kuma.

Stupid regional differences, ruining a perfectly bad headline. Stupid localization process, making us wait until fall for Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which releases in Japan in less than a month. Sure we’ll be able to snag an $80 “Disco Fever” edition packed with goodies...

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...and all launch copies get that Vita skin, but what’s the point if we have to wait months for Nanako and Teddie co-op?

I really have no trouble waiting. My summer is packed full of shows to cover and life events to partake of. I’m actually glad it’s not coming out until the fall, when the gaming scene is relatively quiet.


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If we can’t get an evil Teddy outfit I’m going to be very sad