Looks Like The Simpsons Just Lost The Voice Of Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders

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Harry Shearer, who for decades has worked as one of the stars of The Simpsons—lending his voice to characters like Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Principal Skinner and Waylon Smithers—has seemingly announced he will no longer be working on the show.

A story on TMZ over the weekend claimed that attempts to renew the long-running cartoon for a 27th and 28th season were being held up by Shearer, who was reportedly fine with his pay offer for the new seasons, but had “issues with back-end and merchandising” rights.

Tonight, Shearer posted the following on Twitter, offering what looks like a differing source of disagreement:


Brooks is the show’s producer, so while the tweets could have been clearer, they certainly suggest Shearer’s time with the show is up.

In addition to the above characters, Shearer also voiced Kent Brockman, Dr. Hibbert, Scratchy and Homer’s pal Lenny. The show just won’t be the same without him.

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Christine Q.

For a guy who’s 71, has a net worth of 65 million dollars, was making an estimated 300,000 dollars an episode, quitting over back-ends and merch is pretty goddamn silly. How much money does one really need? Especially for a voice actor. At one point, I think the simpsons (Which I love to this day, There might not be as many hits as there was, but at least it isn’t the gross-out family guy turned into) ought to be put to bed. I think a final simpsons night (ala farewell special + actual finale) should be done before something like one of the simpson family’s voice actors dies and fox pushes for a replacement.