You might think you are something else. That your selfie ability is pro level or simply unparalleled. Maybe it is. But can you do this? I’m sure you can if you tried!

These no-hand selfie snaps have been appearing on Chinese social networking site Sina. We’ve seen a similar style with the “Caught Me Sleeping” meme, but those pics where taken with two feet. These are one-foot snaps. See, different.

Via ET Today, here are some one-foot selfies from Weibo.

[Photo: Weibo]

So, this pic...

[Photo: Weibo]

Was apparently taken like this.

[Photo: Weibo]

And this one...

[Photo: Weibo]

Like so.

[Photos via ET Today]

And et cetera, et cetera.

[Photo: Weibo]

Cosplayers seem to like this method of shooting selfies. Well, at least, this cosplayer does.

[Photo via ET Today]

Ditto for this glum dude. Cheer up, glum dude!

[Photo: Weibo]

Throwing the horns. Sorta.

[Photo: Weibo]

Good thing there are mirrors. That way you don’t have to ask someone else to take your picture as your take your own picture. With your foot. Heh.


This latest meme seems to derive from a selfie style perfected by Korean popstar Hani of the Kpop group Exid. Clips and stills of her unique selfie style appeared online in China earlier this year:

[Photo via Cforum]

[Photo via Hupu]

[Photo via wtoutiao]

Thanks goodness for timer apps, huh? Strong toes, too! And internet memes.

Top photo: Weibo

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