Think Twice Before You Kill A Counter-Strike Chicken

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Well, that certainly puts things in perspective.

This video by ShookBox depicts the final moments of one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s infamous chickens. As a grenade sails lazily, almost nonchalantly in its direction, its life flashes before its (and our) eyes. Even the part where it hatched from its own egg, implying that this chicken not only has a better memory than other chickens, but also probably a better memory than literally anything ever.

It’s all quite elaborate, and it really makes you think for about ten seconds—which is more than I thinking about most things I kill in video games. Although, to be fair, I have been known to get pretty upset about accidental animal murder in games. It might sound strange given that ending a virtual human life should affect me more, but animals don’t choose to fight me, aren’t armed to the teeth (they are instead armed with teeth—and little else), and apparently lead rich social lives.


I guess what I’m saying is, from now on I’m gonna be vegan. But only in video games.

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It’s a strange phenomena when I feel genuine sadness for the “people” I heniously murder in games. Stopped playing GTAV for this reason. Couldn't look at myself after murderous rampage #7483926290. I'm weird.