Old Folks Are Not Okay With Mortal Kombat X Fatalities

In the latest installment of The Fine Bros. “Torturing The Elderly” series, a group of older folks don’t take kindly to seeing people graphically slaughtered.


As it turns out, ripping apart a guy’s skull and using his lower jaw (complete with bubbling esophageal hole) as an ashtray makes older people uncomfortable. While the jury is still out on kids, teens and pets, I’m pretty sure the results would be the same. Hell, I’m skeeved out by it, and I’ve been playing the series since I was a teens react.

I would have found it more entertaining if some of them actively enjoyed it. Maybe one makes low moans, another bites their lower lip suggestively. And then one of them starts arguing at how fake it looks compared to the real thing.


The real tragedy here is they actually held an elders’ tournament prior to showing them all the gore, and many of them seemed to really get into it.

Now Libby will never go pro. All that potential wasted.

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I’m late generation X (I mean I’m pretty close to being millennial) and even I’m disgusted by it. It’s not puke inducing it’s just... Really? you felt it was necessary to go THAT far? And you find that entertaining? Just.... why? It’s ridiculous.

Give me some gratuitous sex any day. I much prefer that to this gross violence.