Scientifically Accurate My Little Pony Is Not Magical At All

Hear that? It’s the sound of magic being sucked out of the world as colorful ponies break their spines falling from cliffs and die from horrible hoof diseases. This is not going to be pretty.

Real ponies are not fun. They are not your colorful friends. They do not have marks on their flanks denoting their personality. They do not talk, but if they did I imagine they’d just sit outside rolling their eyes and screaming in shrill human voices all day long for no reason. Just a-screaming the day away. Staring and screaming. Screaming and staring.

Animation Domination Hi-Def captures the “magic” of real ponies in the latest in its horrible “Scientifically Accurate” short series. Yes, they talk about pony penis.

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They sort of phoned it in on that one.