Mortal Kombat X's Krypt Makes Unlocking Random Crap A Blast

There’s nothing I like better in a fighting game than a large amount of unlockable goodies, and there’s no better way to distribute new fatalities, costumes and concept art like Mortal Kombat X’s Krypt.

The latest iteration of Mortal Kombat continues the series’ fine tradition of being incredibly generous with the extras and finding fun new ways to dole them out. Over the past several iterations the Krypt has transformed from an on-rails extras vending machine to a full-fledged adventure, complete with secret areas, hidden items and the occasional jump scare.


This latest Krypt is an expansive area packed with a sprawling cemetary, a spider-filled underground, a portal to Outworld and more. Players navigate as they would an old-school dungeon crawler, moving square-by-square, circling in place or strafing left and right.

The goal is to use the koins earned through standard play to destroy the statues, egg sacks, mummified bosies and other containers scattered throughout the maze-like Krypt, unlocking special items in the process. Some containers contain new fatalies and costumes for the game’s characters. Some have concept art. Many contain extra koins, while others still will bestow simple fatality tokens or the ability to skip fights in story mode.


The Krypt features an inventory, used to store various artifacts discovered in the players’ travels. These fighter-themed items, like Raiden’s spear or Kung Lao’s hat, can be used to open up secret areas, where some of the Krypt’s best treasures are hidden.

It’s really the most fun I’ve had unlocking items in a game in ages. I only wish I could generate koins faster—there’s still so much to unlock.


Check out the video below for a guided tour of the Krypt, but be warned: At around 3:30 in the video I just about piss myself. It’s not pretty.

There is an option in the game’s DLC to purchase a full Krypt unlock for $19.99. If you buy that, you are a monster that hates everything good.

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