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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Is Surprisingly Fun

Today, Square Enix released a free-to-play Final Fantasy game for mobile devices, and perhaps for the first time ever, that's not a bad thing.


Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, out today for iOS and Android, is a surprisingly fun little time-waster that tasks you with creating a party, collecting equipment, traveling through various old Final Fantasy games, and fighting lots of monsters with ATB-style combat. It's free to download and uses the much-loathed stamina scheme—you need stamina to play; you only get a limited amount per day; and you can spend real money on more—to make money.

But still, it seems like a fun diversion from the few minutes I've played so far. I spent some time this afternoon poking around Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, and although it's not exactly a deep RPG—check out FF Dimensions if you want something like that for your tablet—it is fun if you need a way to distract yourself for a few minutes on the subway or before bed. It's basically what All The Bravest should have been.


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Notice the publisher- DeNA. The Nintendo mobile deal guys. I'm going to give it a try on the iPhone.