Take a Look at the Legacy of Kain Game That Got Killed in 2012

Fans have been clamoring for another game in the Legacy of Kain series for years now. The vampiric action games were well-loved for their gothic world-building and bloodthirsty take on third-person combat. More of that was on the way, but then it got staked right in the heart.

A massive post on NeoGAF by forum member and 0ccasional Kotaku contributor Mama Robotnik offers up a bounty of details about Dead Sun, a Legacy of Kain title that was in development for three years by Climax. The game's lead characters were Asher and Gein, a human/vampire duo who become necromantically joined when the latter tries to kill the former.


Dead Sun seems to have been the rumored franchise reboot that was being whispered about a while back. It appears as if the scuttled title—reportedly cancelled when it was determined it wouldn't meet sales projections—would have picked up decades after Soul Reaver, showing a human population beginning to rebuild after centuries of being fodder for vampires.


Looking at it now in hindsight, the shifting-worlds feature serves as a reminder of the debt that Shadow of Mordor owes to the LoK games. Remains of Dead Sun have allegedly been repurposed as part of Square Enix's recent Nosgoth multiplayer release, but that's cold comfort to people who wanted more of the series' emotionally overwrought single-player stories.


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Just watch this.

The fact that this franchise is in limbo is inexcusable.

This game came out nearly 17 years ago, and elevated narrative and voice acting in video games to a level rarely matched in the nearly two decades that has followed it.

This is a franchise that deserves to be mentioned alongside Mario, Metal Gear, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Final Fantasy... not forgotten in the abyss of time like a malformed soul devoured by a fallen god.