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What Are You Playing This Month?

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With all the excitement of new years eve, I completely forgot to post a "What are you playing?" article at the start of January. This injustice shall not stand!


Here we are, in the early days of a new year. There haven't been any big new games in a while, which makes it a good time to catch up on the best stuff from last year. Or, if you're like me and you're playing Suikoden and its sequel for the first time, the best stuff from 20 years ago.

So: What are you playing this month? What do you think of it? Sound off below.

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I have no freaking clue!

Originally my plan was to pick up Far Cry 4 after finishing up Dragon Age: Inquisition. Two days ago I wrapped up DAI (it took me 2 months! LOL! I loved it!) but my brother just told me he bought FC4 and returned it! And he loved LOVED FC3!

I asked him why, if essentially the two games were super similar and he said it all boiled down to not liking the story, feeling the voice acting was subpar, and that he couldn't rationalize why he was choosing to join a war when he just wanted to spread his mother's ashes. I guess in FC3 he felt there was SOME sense of believability (kidnapping/learning skills to survive/etc) but just couldn't buy into this one.

So now I'm stuck. Him and I have similar tastes. Essentially, it's story first for us.

My back up was playing AC Unity (in French with English subtitles. What can I say? I like to immerse myself in games in ways I feel "believable") but even the prospect of that isn't quite grabbing me based on mediocre reviews and such.

Then there's just playing Never Alone for now (which was part of my original plan) and saving my money for either The Order or Dying Light but I ultimately don't know if either game will be worth the wait. Same with Revelations 2. I guess I COULD get Grim Fandango here soon. Ugh...Decisions.

Money is tight right now but I have $70 in GameStop credit and want something play that will take a decent amount of time and reel me in.

Any suggestions?