Destiny Glitch Tells An Unexpected Story

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It's not too often that a glitch plays out as more than just a funny moment or even an exploitable trick. But this Destiny glitch is...exceptional.

Player leftyfl1p shares the video above that tells the story of Billy, the adventurous Thrall that wanted to lead his fireteam to a chest filled with potential armor and goodies.


Over on Reddit, leftyfl1p explains:

Context: After his fireteam leader (green) demands to know where he is going, Billy the thrall (red) finds a secret chest and returns to show his fireteam his shiny new gjallarhorn that he found. He then proceeds to return to the chest location along with his fireteam. His warlock buddy (yellow) hopes to see some luck with this chest, as he didn't with the first one. He isn't too happy with the results. He then finds a guardian behind a pillar and immediately wants to cheese him with the disconnect glitch after then take his shield down. The fireteam leader doesn't allow this and they all return to their spots in the hallway.

But, really, you should just watch the story as it unfolds alongside "official" Thrall translation.

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This has more plot than the original Destiny storyline.