"Dog Noodles" Are Now Available in Japan

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What's wrong with dog food? Can't we just feed our four-legged friends dog food? No, it seems, we cannot. Enter "Dog Noodles." These are noodles for dogs.


These are udon noodles made for dogs. On the packaging it actually says that! "Inu senyou" (犬専用) or "especially for dogs."

According to My Navi, this is actually the first Sanuki udon dog food in the entire world. I'll take their word for it! The meal is more a niche, novelty product than anything else, because typical dogs in Japan eat, well, typical dog food.

But apparently, these noodles are low calorie and low salt, so they are supposedly easy for the critter to digest. Udon maker Seimenya, which created this product, claims the noodles are dog safe. That's good.

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Though, to be honest, I don't think dogs can slurp noodles, and I'm actually wondering how they'd handle woofing them down. By chewing, I guess.

So there you go, dog noodles. Yours for 324 yen (US$2.96) a pack.

香川県のうどん製造会社がついに犬用のうどん「ドッグヌードル」を発売!! [My Navi]

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Chewing? Pah, dogs + treats = swallowing.

I dunno what it is, maybe they think they'll get more by wolfing it down as quickly as possible. No taste savouring.