Gone Home to Wii U? At around 6:55 of this video, Nintendo of America's Damon Baker says that last year's critically-acclaimed first-person adventure is coming to Nintendo's console. We knew it was coming to some consoles. No confirmation yet from publisher Midnight City. We'll keep you posted.


I never got why this game was so acclaimed. It's not that great, as it is infamously boring and linear, and the whole feel of it was stinking of wanting to start controversy over the LGBT thing. I don't mind LGBT in games at all, I support all things LGBT, but it felt kinda... shallow in the game, and like many games had done it much better before. That's my take on it, at least. It's nice to see Indie games getting a spotlight, but I would prefer the space taken up by something much better than Gone Home, even though it is alright-ish.