Now that's a Yoshi of a different color! As part of its big Mario Kart 8 update announcement yesterday, Nintendo revealed that two of the game's most popular characters—Shy Guy and Yoshi—are now available in eight different shades. They all look pretty great:

The good news is that this means Mario Kart 8 players will be getting more Yoshi and Shy Guy. You can never have too much of either of those guys, if you ask me. The bad news, however, is that they're only available right now if you preorder the upcoming DLC. I asked Nintendo when they'll become available for those of us who prefer not to invest in pre-orders, and will update this once I hear back.

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I forget, does Mario Kart 8 allow two players to select the same character in local play? I know online (at least with strangers) lets you just because it would be a mess otherwise, but the MK standard so far has been "no".

And the reason I ask is because I'm wondering this- do the different color Yoshi/Shy Guys count as different characters for that purpose? It looks like they do in the video, since they have "(color) Yoshi" or "(color) Shy Guy" as their name. That also makes me think they might count as separate when the computer is pulling computer characters for a Grand Prix. That would make it possible, though unlikely, to have an all-Shy Guy Grand Prix.