As Evil Plots Go, LEGO Batman 3's Isn't Too Shabby

The evil Brainiac, seeking to upgrade from collecting cities to collecting whole worlds, harness the power of the Lantern Rings in order to shrink the Earth, forcing DC's greatest superheroes to join forces with the Legion of Doom to stop him. That's something I'd like to see.

It seems my favorite DC Comics moments always revolve around superheroes and super villains banding together to fight a common thread. There's just something about the dynamic of these two opposite forces dropping what ever good or evil they're doing to hang out.

The phenomenon is best illustrated in the final moments of the latest trailer for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Shut up, Joker.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is due out this fall on everything.

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So Joker is there being funny, but otherwise that didn't seem to be a very "comedic" trailer like we normally get from LEGO games.

I'm assuming the game won't actually be that serious. Unless DC is really intent on bringing the Snyder vibe to everything.

Also, singing "I've got the whole world in my pants..." may sound clever, but it's not very effective at picking up women at the bar.