Highlight Reel: Two Nukes Are Better Than One

We've rounded up some of the best highlights from the past two days in the gaming world and put them all together in one place for you. This week: Beautiful timing in Mario Kart 8, absent-minded terrorists, and more!

  1. 1v5 Ninja (No smoke No Kit) in front of 13k people — GREAT_SALAD
  2. Mario Kart 8 pre shot — Lumpy
  3. Knockout! — N7Plague
  4. Dropping 2 nukes at the same time has its advantages — Klesus
  5. Destiny MP - Double smash kill — Papa Trunks

Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of great plays, stunts, records and other great moments from around the gaming world. If you see or record an amazing feat while playing a game or watching a stream, let us know at highlightreel@kotaku.com


Man, I want to play more Destiny PvP already..

I once got 5 people with a fist of havoc in Iron Banner on that Mars map. They were all crouched a point B.