Brutal Doom Is About To Become Even More Brutal

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I didn't think it was possible, but there you go.


There's a new fifteen-minute video out for Brutal Doom's upcoming v20 update which, sadly, still hasn't got a release date. The clip is pretty awesome though:

All those splatters. Those flying limbs and bodies. That chainsaw. It's really amazing how much SGtMarkIV can squeeze out of an over twenty-year-old game series. Brutal Doom v20 is shaping up to be one of the modding greats; mods like Shadows of the Metal Age for Thief II or Nehrim for Oblivion that make you grateful modding exists in the first place.

Anyhoot, the latest version of Brutal Doom can be grabbed here. Hopefully, v20 will arrive soon.

15 minutes of Brutal Doom v20 gameplay [SGtMarkIV@YouTube, via DSOGaming]



This is possibly the best thing going on in gaming. Love Brutal Doom.