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Hey, It's Spider-Man Swinging Through Grand Theft Auto IV

Until Grand Theft Auto V comes out for PC (soon!) and starts getting modded, we're going to have to be satisfied with GTA IV mods. That means no West Coast Avengers dashing through San Andreas just yet. Nope. For now, we've got Spider-Man swinging through Rockstar's New York.


This mod comes to us via GTA mod maven Taltigolt and is the product of work by scripters Bob Lester and JulioNIB. It uses a Spider-Man skin by AC Amir. (Read the full credits in the about section of the video). Taltigolt tells me that the mod will be offered to the public at this mod site in the next week or so.

If Spider-Man isn't your hero, there are plenty of other costumed do-gooders you can play as in GTA IV thanks to the game's ever-enthusiastic modding scene.

Can anyone get to work on a Matter-Eater Lad mod? Thanks.

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Is it weird that after reading the title of this article, this popped into my head?