In the wake of the ridiculously awesome propaganda posters put up by police in Eastern China, another Chinese police force has come out with a set of awesome photos. This time around, instead of letting the locals know who's watching, a police department of south west China's Sichuan province is looking for recruits!

Earlier last week, a series of photos showed up on the Chengdu police force's public weibo account. The photos depict the police force in some very heroic poses that almost look straight out of a Hong Kong action movie. Here, take a look:


Those look intense, and they should. The officers shown in the photos are mostly part of the Chengdu police SWAT team. While these photos look super cereal, the Chengdu police force did a complete 180 and posted another set of recruitment photos.

These new photos, posted on Saturday, show a much more "fun" and personal side of the Chengdu police SWAT team. While the photos look more personable, it's interesting to see that the officers are still totally super armed.



These photos kind of make me want to join the Chengdu police! According to their public website, they're looking for 359 people ages 18 to 30. The positions range from traffic cops to the SWAT team. Sadly, the positions are only open to Chinese nationals.

My only question right now is, what's the deal with the crossbows?

成都黑豹特警队召集新鲜血液 好像TVB剧帅呆了!![Weibo via TTmop]

平安成都 [Chengdu Police Weibo]

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