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This Is Definitely A Live-Action Fatal Frame Movie Trailer

To the non-Japanese reader/speaker, the teaser trailer for this fall's live-action Fatal Frame film is almost indistinguishable from any other Japanese horror film, until you get to the Camera Obscura bit.


It's not a Fatal Frame game until we start capturing spirits with a special camera, a rule that works for the movies as well. This particular film, not to be confused with the Hollywood version that's been kicked around for ages, is an adaptation of a novelization of Tecmo's beloved horror franchise. Teen models Nakajo Ayami and Morikawa Aoi play a pair of girls in a Japanese boarding school where creepy things happen. I'm expecting jump cuts and dead-looking things, possibly with all-black irises.

What I am not expecting is a Western release — as Bloody Disgusting points out, this Fatal Frame movie is a Japan-only joint. Hmph.

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Mike Fahey

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