Spec Ops Studio Now Making A PC Game With Giant Airplanes

E3 isn't all about multiplatform AAA console titles. There is space for PC games, and also space for awesome PC game trailers.


This is Dreadnought. It's coming out of Yager, the developers of Spec Ops: The Line (and also Dead Island 2).

These guys have a passion for sci-fi flight. Their very first game was a self-titled joint also called Yager, a cult flight combat classic on the PC and original Xbox. So it's nice seeing them get back to their roots after their desert holiday.


Dreadnought is coming to the PC in 2015, and alongside the obvious action the devs are also claiming that you can control all aspects of the ship, from weapons to the crew. Below is a German-language preview showing some gameplay.

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Fucking F2P ... From 0 to excitement back down to 0 again. SO tired of F2P games.