Hearthstone Can Be Cruel

When you replace some of the cards in your hand at the start of a Hearthstone match, you expect new cards. What are the chances that you get pretty much the exact same hand back, you think?

Well, it happened to at least one guy who goes by the handle Scolarion. Granted, what he gets on the second draw isn't the exact-exact hand; a few are obviously a different version of the same card. Still, though. I don't blame him when he's exclaims "What the hell!" I'd be doing the same thing.

The Mulligan is Real [Scolarion]

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Sandrockcstm Gaming


That's even worse than what often happens to me, where I'll draw a hand of cards that cost between 5 and 10 mana, mulligan all of them, and then draw a new hand of 5-10 mana cost cards.