Nvidia Launches Its Most Powerful (And Expensive) Video Card Yet

Packed with the power of two GK110 GTX Titan Black graphics processing units and all the all the CUDA cores a CUDA core lover could ever want, Nvidia's 4K Ultra HD-killing Titan Z is ready to upgrade your computer to the tune of $3,000.

It's been a couple of months since Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang held aloft his magic card at the company's GPU Technology Conference and spoke the sacred words of power that would send the Titan Z into production. Normally Nvidia likes to hold its cards close to its chest prior to launch, but in this case folks needed to start saving up.

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Nothing much has changed since the announcement. It's still got 12GB of 7 gigabyte-per-second memory. It's still packing 5,760 CUDA cores and a 12 phase power supply with dynamic power balancing. It's still really expensive, and I'd still love to slip one into my PC and see how it runs.

For those of you who'd rather not build your own, every boutique PC maker, from Maingear to Origin PC, are now offering the card in their builds as well, with prices starting at $3,000 plus the rest of the computer.

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For you folks that are more familiar with builds, would you recommend getting one if this top-of-the-line cards so that it stays viable for longer?