A celebration of a new "butterfly" festival in Nanyang Henan ended with tears after the festival's symbol appeared decked out in a dress comprised of real butterflies.

First reported by the Chinese site GWM.cn, the folks at Nanyang's Baotianman tourist spot started a new festival to celebrate the spot's famous butterflies. In line with their new festival, the tourist spot's managers also put out a festival symbol. A butterfly fairy, if you will.

When the butterfly fairy stepped out into the spotlight, things took a turn for the worse.

She was dressed in a plain white dress with about 100 butterflies pinned to it! Some of the insects were alive and cringing, others were already dead. According to GWM, children at the scene were frightened by the sight of walking butterfly death.


Baotianman is widely known for its variety of wild butterflies. Every year, thousands of tourists descend upon the location to watch these winged creatures. It's unknown if the management at Baotianman will remove the butterfly fairy or get rid of the dress.

河南南召宝天曼景区扎死上百活蝴蝶装扮仙子白裙 [GMW]

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