Famous Wii Vaporware Is Back From The Dead [Update]

Sadness is a fable so old that most of our original stories on the "game" no longer exist on the internet. One of the most notorious pieces of vapourware in video games history, it was at one point a posterchild for the hardcore's hopes for the Wii. Now it wants to haunt the Wii U instead.


A pair of small developers - HullBreach Studios and Cthulu Games - tell nintendolife that they've picked up the rights to the Sadness IP, and will be bringing the game to the Wii U.


Gone is the ambitious 3D/live-action premise of the original, however, and in its stead is a more practical plan to make Sadness a 2D RPG/puzzler, running on the Unity engine.

The big difference here, of course, is that second time around few people will care. There's no attachment to the IP since the game never came out, and there's little chance any media HullBreach and Cthulu show off will beat the excitement generated by Sadness' original pitch video.

But hey, everyone loves a comeback, and if a box that says "Sadness" can one day sit on a shelf that has the word "Wii" on top of it, then we can all at least appreciate the closure.

UPDATE - Hahaha. This is so perfect. The pair of developers now say that they don't have the IP, and are simply two parties bidding for it. That was a fast descent back into vapourware.

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"I got a PS4 and Infamous!"

"I got an Xbox One and Titanfall!"

"I got a Wii U and Sadness."