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It's A Virtual Game Boy For The Oculus Rift

Illustration for article titled Its A Virtual Game Boy For The Oculus Rift

One of the key problesm with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is that it completely obscures the wearer's vision, making it impossible to play Game Boy while wearing it — until developer Shane O'Brien came up with this clever fix.


Using a recently released Game Boy emulator for the Unity Engine, Shane crafted a simple room where an Oculus Rift owner can sit and play Game Boy games like Tetris or Pokemon without any hands. Well, no virtual hands, at least — the game still needs to be controlled via keyboard.

Maybe I'm just old, but I imagine the disconnect here — playing Game Boy with no fingers on the virtual buttons — would be incredibly jarring. This is just a pair of fake hands away from greatness.


Oculus Rift Gameboy Emulator in Unity [YouTube via Polygon]

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My Gameboy Brick still works. How old is it now? 20 years? Built to last. Eats batteries like popcorn.