Pollution sucks! But there are ways to protect yourself, such as surgical masks or even heavy duty gas masks. One Chinese company, MaiXingRen, is offering another solution: a nose mask.

MaiXingRen says its Nose Air Filter Mask can filter out 99 percent of those hazardous tiny particles in pollution—making it, the company claims, more effective than your typical mask.

Here is a comparison between the Nose Air Filter Mask and a typical mask.


Here is Kotaku's Beijing-based Eric Jou in an awesome mask.

While it looks silly, on internet retail site JD.com, the product reviews for this $38 nose plug are good. "I no longer have to fear the smog," wrote zhongguo2013. "With this breathing is easier," wrote jdcaulb7. "It's not as stuffy as a face mask." However, user jd_7008668 wrote, "I don't think this is that great. I can still smell gas fumes. If that's the case, this mask doesn't justify the price."


You know what is great? Check out these lifestyle shots!


Terrific! Already the mask is, according to Xinhuanet, being rolled out among traffic cops Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province. The city is about an hour away from Beijing and has terrible pollution.

Earlier this spring, some college students who were protesting against large carbon emissions were also spotted wearing the masks.


But won't those small pollutant particles simply go in people's mouths? Maybe. That's why MaiXingRen has this rad tagline: "Reject breathing through your mouth. The nose if the only respiratory organ."

That's right, a product that isn't for mouth breathers. Sorry, mouth breathers!


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Photos: JD.Com/Weibo

Eric Jou contributed to this report.

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