The Sadness Of The New Tony Hawk Game

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Oh, Tony. Your name was once synonymous with good games and even better soundtracks. Seeing your brand reduced to this, even after all the recent heartbreak, is just...sigh.


Below is a clip of Tony Hawk's Shred Session being played by, well, Tony Hawk himself. It's a free-to-play mobile game. That's an endless runner. Well. Skater.

Here's some footage of the game in action, courtesy of Touch Arcade. If you're wondering, that's Tony himself playing/selling the game.

Look, I don't know if the game itself is any good. Right now, I don't think that matters. I look back to Tony Hawk's 2, then I look at this, and on principle I just get a little bummed out.

Tony Hawk's Shred Session [Touch Arcade]


These kinds of mobile "games" need to die. I always laugh when mobile gaming is mentioned, as it really seems like it is ruled by mediocrity and cheap knockoffs of other games, all the while tainting the image and quality of gaming on a whole.

I would like to see some real quality efforts made in the mobile gaming arena that do not include *shudders* micro transactions (although micro transactions have invaded mainstream gaming, I'm looking at you EA).

Also, how many endless runners do we need? surely they can come up with something better to occupy us in the bathroom, or on the bus or train.