What's Your Favorite Game Boy Memory?

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The Game Boy officially turns 25 today—it is now a Game Man—and to celebrate, we want to hear your favorite memories of Nintendo's influential handheld gaming system.


What were your favorite Game Boy games? Where did you play them? What kind of Game Boy(s) did you have? Which was your favorite?

I will never forget playing Final Fantasy Adventure on that giant grey brick of a system, then restarting from the beginning at least three times because every time I tried to do a figure-eight around those palm trees in the desert, it didn't work. I also spent a ton of time with Link's Awakening (amazing!), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (less amazing!), and tons of other games that seemed great just because I owned them. What about you?



Anyone else own one of these monstrosities?