​Super-Speed GTA V Looks Damn Cool

Los Santos looks even more realistic—and chaotic—when it's going by very quickly.

Canadian artist Benoit Paillé—the same guy who's making extremely clever real-world trick photography using Grand Theft Auto V—delivers this fun 'hyper timelapse' tour of the game's environments. The jittery quality of the people in the video somehow manages to feel like it's channeling the psyches of the people in GTA V: everybody's on a hair trigger (especially Trevor!) and ready to explode. Best to zip on to the next location then.

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GTA V is actually the only GTA after 2 that I never finished (including all the portable versions). For some reason it just never felt as "tight" and I got bored of the whole "multiple character" switcharoo deal.

Come to think of it - I think I've finished every Rockstar game in the PS2 & onward era, minus Table Tennis. I think I prefer my Rockstar games as a solo affair. Keep the plot tight and characters relate-able. I also abhor multiplayer Rockstar games so personally am hoping this focus on MP that started with GTA IV and RDR goes away.