Charlie Bigg-Wither, from Canberra, Australia, owns a lot of LEGO. So much so that when people go to his house and say, boy, you have a ton of LEGO, he can say, yes, yes I do. For real.

Having been slowly collecting more and more bricks over the past 25 years, Charlie - who at first bought the LEGO for his kids but, now they're older, just buys for himself - moved house recently, and decided to test how much LEGO he had.

"'We put it in little boxes, of about five kilograms each", he told The Canberra Times. "All together, it was over a tonne."

With that much LEGO around the house, he's turned it into an attraction, with a LEGO hallway, LEGO letterbox and giant swathes of LEGO covering everything from the staircase to some window panels.


NOTE: For those not on the metric system, there is a difference between a "tonne" (1000kg) and a "ton" (2000lb).

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