The Nvidia Shield Will Be $100 Cheaper Next Month

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If you've been curious about Nvidia's streaming hybrid handheld, April will be a very good time to pick one up.


The hardware manufacturer's lopping a third of the normal $300 asking price off of the Shield and offering it for $199 for the entirety of April. The Shield's become an almost-all-purpose PC gaming sidekick ever since it came out last fall. At first, the Tegra 4-powered handheld started off with the ability to stream games from a nearby PC onto its built-in screen —provided it's a supported title and the computer in question is Nvidia's GeForce GTX graphics cards, specifically the 650 or later. Then, it added a GameStream console mode, which lets players use that streaming functionality on a TV. Today, Nvidia's announced an update that will let users access those games outside their homes; this remote streaming feature will be going into beta soon. There's Bluetooth support for mouse and keyboard play coming for the console mode, too. And it's getting Portal.

All of that adds up to a lot of different uses for one device. Granted, you're going to need to go hard-wired for optimal performance in some cases and will be locked to Nvidia's hardware, too. But, if you're already in their ecosystem and don't have a Shield, a $100 price drop probably makes it a lot more attractive to you.



I have one. It's nice. Problem is, most PC and Android games don't really support a controller very well (or maybe it's just the ones I want to play?), and the virtual mouse is a bit meh. Probably the best Android gaming platform available, though.

That said, it still sees more play time than my PS Vita. *sigh*