How To Move Like A Pro In Titanfall

Movement is everything in Titanfall. A good player knows how to get around the map with ease, sometimes without ever touching the ground. If you've been having trouble with movement, there's good news: you can learn how to expertly use your jumps, wall-running and jetpacks in Titanfall with some help.


YouTube user arCtiCvBi, a former MLG pro player, in conjunction with Skyllus, a teammate, have started a great tutorial series on movement in Titanfall, and it's definitely worth a watch. This first video breaks down the differences between all the different types of movement in the game, and it even teaches you how to do tricks like the bunny hop—a tactic that is becoming highly popular amongst Titanfall diehards. This initial video is on the 'basics,' but even so, I still learned a a few things.

arCtiCvBi will be uploading more in-depth tutorials in the coming days, so you should make sure to check out their YouTube channel. We'll be updating this post with future videos on the movement part of this series, too. If previous videos like his series on Gears of War are any indication, future Titanfall videos will be highly educational.

Titanfall Lessons - Episode #1 - Movement Basics [arCtiCvBi]



This is why really I wish there was a private match option.

It would be fun to just explore the levels and find the best routes and movement combinations without the risk of dying. It would almost be like Tony Hawk