​Japan's Finally Gotten Their PS4s

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After watching Sony's newest video game console make its debut away from home, Japanese video game lovers are finally getting their hands on the PS4. No Banderas from the first guy to get one, though. Come on, dude.


The debut of the Japanese PS4 happened a few hours ago—check out the stream here—with legendary game designers like Hideo Kojima on hand to help usher in the new hardware. It's been a bit weird to have the PS4 come out first in non-Japanese territories since, historically, the trend has been the opposite. In the four three long months since the U.S. launch of the PS4, Japanese gamers—unless they went to extreme measures—had to imagine what all the PS4 could do. Now, they don't have to anymore.

Sony's boosting the launch with a commercial that hits some of the same notes as its other international ads, with characters from various franchises swarming into the real world. It's no Michael spot, mind you, but still offers some weird-cool cameos.


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