The Universe Will End Before This Minecraft Clock Finishes Counting

"Even the most ridiculous design has a purpose" says the creator of this virtual countdown timer in the building game Minecraft. Well, the purpose of this design is to remind us of our place in the universe with a clock that will run for longer than there will be computers to simulate it.


YouTuber spumwack wanted to make the most useless machine he could think of in Minecraft. After a few designs, he eventually came up with a door attached to a clock. The useless part? The clock won't finish counting until after our entire (real) universe has decayed to inert nothingness. He does an excellent job explaining all of the changes the world, society, and the universe will go through as he shows off the contraption.

Although amid all the large scale explanations, I thought the second clock was the most relevant:

The second clock is a little more ambitious. 22 hours from now, it will finish its cycle and most people who have watched this video will forget what they saw and will likely never think about it ever again.

If you'd like to run the clock yourself, you can download his Minecraft world from a link in the video's description.

The Universe Death Clock via @tweetsauce



This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Wow. Perspective and time are a beautiful thing.