You think drawing your favorite with paper and pencil is difficult? Trying drawing them with chocolate sauce on plates.

In Seoul, there's an anime, comic book, and video game shop called Saboten Store. As tipster Sang points out, the staff do cosplay and dress as maids, but this isn't exactly a maid cafe per se.

It's an amazing syrup art cafe is what it is.

Saboten, which means "cactus" in Japanese, opened early last year and was founded by a gentleman named Kyung Chul Han, who used to work as a video game journalist and as a game developer at NCsoft.

During summer 2013 and later that fall, people on Twitter in South Korea began posting photos of amazing edible art the shop's cafe churned out.


With their orders of toast or cake, patrons can shell out extra for "shirup ahteu" (시럽아트) or "syrup art," drawn in chocolate and strawberry sauce—among other sweet, colorful sauces.

The syrup art is custom—you can apparently request the characters you want! The variation in the syrup art is incredible. There are different styles and totally different characters.

In the one below, note the coffee!

Here, the staff whip up their wonderful sauce creations:

Order cake or toast with a drink and custom syrup art ends up being around the equivalent of US$8. Some might balk at that price. But could you balk at the art?

Apparently, they don't take forever to make! Otherwise patrons would be annoyed all the time.

No wonder this Twitter user wanted to make an imprint of the syrup art he ordered and take it home. Supposedly, many customers don't end up eating their syrup art, and just admire it instead.

Thanks for the tip, Sang!

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