Titanfall Alpha Footage Leaks

There's a closed alpha of Titanfall going on. It's closed, which means people aren't supposed to be uploading video of it, but you know, the internet.

UPDATE 2 - Both videos are now down. Sorry!

We've got two videos below, one directly-captured, the other taken off-screen. Both give a pretty good idea of how a standard round plays out.


Players drop onto the map, then run around shooting bad guys. So far, so Call of Duty. But then you notice the changes. There's loads of AI-controlled opponents out there. You can do fancy jumps to get you across gaps in the map.

And then, in both clips, a Titan gets dropped. And things get crazy.

UPDATE - The second video has been pulled. First one is, at time of update, still available.

The first clip below is the better one. Start at the 0:40 mark.


Titanfall Multiplayer Footage [Blip]


TitanFall Closed Alpha Gameplay [Off-Screen] [xJumPeRJumPzZ]

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I hate to be 'that guy', but this is what everybody's excited about? As someone that doesn't play CoD/BF/etc. this looks almost identical to those games, but occasionally with robots. I mean, if that's what they're going for, great, but I thought this was supposed to be some sort of multiplayer shooter evolution?