This is Dongchimee. In you live in South Korea, you might be familiar with him. He's into dookie and other shit.

Note: Some readers might find this article's content objectionable.

The cartoon character is totally into collecting poop, doing poop experiments and wearing a dung hat, notes website Simply2Suitcases. Dongchimee is friends with flying laxatives and teaches kids about how doo-doo can nourish the soil and makes plant life possible. He also constantly seems to have a runny nose.

However, the cartoon isn't strictly about poop, as Dongchimee is only one of several bit players in Dalki. The cartoon is aimed at small children and actually centers around the mischevious girl named Dalki. It has been compared to Hello Kitty or Strawberry Shortcake ("dalki" means "strawberry" in Korean). In South Korea, there is also a Dalki Theme Park, which look like cute fun. Here are some images from website Wake Up and Dance:

As tipster Sang explains, the character's name is a pun: It sounds similar to the Korean for "cold marinated radish," but refers to someone who sticks their finger up someone's butt! Like so:

Dongchimee has been around for a while, but recently, the character has become a topic online in neighboring Japan. And kids are always amused by poop! In South Korea (as in elsewhere in Asia), poo can be considered cute or funny.

In Seoul's Olympic Park Gate, there's even a Dalki Cafe, which features Dongchimee and other characters from the Dalki cartoon.

Check out this poop playground at the cafe! And no, the entire cafe is not Dongchimee-themed! (He's just part of it—and there are, of course, no poo-themed areas.)

Still, Dongchimee has somewhat of a following. There are Dongchimee goods, such as pens, stationery, and plush toys:

Cute, huh?

Why, oh, WHY? Dirty!

Okay, all clean.

And according to website In an Aeroplane Over the Sea, the character has apparently inspired "poo bread," which is basically red bean paste in a waffle-like bread. It looks kind of like Japan's version of taiyaki, but is shaped like a turd instead of a fish.

Below, you can see more photos and read more about Dalki and Dongchimee:

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And in case you forgot, South Korea is also home to a toilet theme park that is shaped like, well, a toilet.

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