Nexon, perhaps best known for Maple Story, was founded in South Korea. Its headquarters is now in Tokyo, however. We are not going to look in its headquarters. Instead, let's have a look in its new South Korean digs.

As pointed out by Han Kyung and GameFocus (via tipster Sang), Nexon moved into this office last December. It has fifteen floors, five of which are underground.


Over 1,500 employees work the office, which has a mo-cap studio, a fitness center, a subsidized cafeteria, a broadcasting and audio center, a daycare, bunk beds for employees to crash (separate rest areas for male and female employees) and an in-house concert/lecture hall.

Looks nice!

사진으로 보는 넥슨 신사옥 -1[GameFocus]

넥슨 신사옥 탐방 "판교 환영합니다" [Han Kyung]

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