​Let's See How Definitive The Next-Gen Tomb Raider Really Is

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At the end of the month, Xbox One and PS4 owners will get to play Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, a graphically enhanced version of last year's excellent Tomb Raider reboot. But how definitive will the next-gen version really be?


IGN's posted a new video with a side-by-side comparison between the PS4 and PS3 versions of the game:

The difference is actually pretty substantial, with loads of new particle effects and high-res textures making the game look significantly better on PS4. I played the original game on PC, and while I'm guessing that version won't be all that different from next-gen, I'm still seeing some differences here even compared to the PC version.

In particular, I'm surprised by how totally different Lara's face looks on PS4. She's like a different person!

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Aside from the re-model, the Definitive Edition came out, what, 10 months ago, on PC. All the graphical enhancements, and more, can be played today on PC. I'm surprised they've got TressFX working on those piece of shit machines though. Quite impressed, though I'm expecting it to run at 30fps as a result.

My real issue with this, though, is not the branding, it's the marketing of "only on next-gen". The CD guys at VGX literally said this technology was only possible on Xbox One and PS4, despite the PC being perfectly capable of it, and more to the point, there already being a PC port that did just that.