15 Second Schoolgirl Spot Gets 3 Minute Making-Of Documentary

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Seventeen year-old idol Karin Aiba is promoting PSP game Dangan-Ronpa in 15 second TV ads. The making-of documentary is way longer and has added curry eating. Mmm curry!

Dangan-Ronpa, which means "winning an argument with bullets", is like Battle Royale, but with a psychotic teddy bear instead of a psychotic Beat Takeshi. The upcoming PSP game is set in a school in which the students are trapped and the only way to escape is for them to kill each other. One student actually ends up dead, and players must sleuth out the killer. Evidence is stored in "word bullets" that are later used in rapid-pace dialogue. The game is stocked with stereotypical characters like an otaku, an idol, a jock, etc.

The making of video shows Karin eating — lots of her eating. Then standing in front of a green screen. After the shoot, she's nervous about whether she did a good job or not. And the director says she did well.

It's not uncommon for Japanese game companies to release making-of clips that are longer than the actual ads — especially if the star has a rabid fanbase. Karin isn't a huge star yet by any means. No word on whether Dangan-Ronpa will get an English language release or on what kind of curry Aiba ate. I'm guessing beef.

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Still don't understand why people uplift someone as an idol just for looks alone, instead of talent, but....

the premise to the PSP game she's promoting is more interesting than most commercials though... i just hope it has some dark comedy if they're going to have stereotypical character archetypes.