Surprising absolutely no one, Uncharted 4 continues to look amazing.

Naughty Dog released a new chunk Uncharted 4 footage today, and though it’s brief, you can spot all sorts of cool details within:

Some highlights...

  • The mud physics! They’re great. Naturally, trying to drive your car up a very muddy incline is difficult, if not outright impossible. Otherwise, the imprints you leave on mud, be it from tire tracks or footprints, look realistic.
  • When you’re off exploring things, characters have conversations between themselves. It reinforces the idea that these are actual people who have relationships outside of Drake, too. Also, the characters appear to react to your driving skills.
  • A somewhat (but not totally) open world, which grants you choice in how to approach the level. There’s a moment in this footage where you see an encounter in the distance, and you can decide where to enter it. Do you go in guns blazing? Do you drive around to the back and find a sneaky opening?
  • You can whip out this neat rope, which allows you to get around the environment dynamically. It also lets you get the drop on enemies, depending on how you use it.

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