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15 Minutes of Gameplay from the Borderlands Creators' Next Game

Want to see for yourself if Battleborn is going to be different from Borderlands? Feast your eyes on this hefty chunk of gameplay footage from Gearbox Software's next game, then.

In the clip above, you'll see a bunch of Battleborn's playable characters in action during a runthrough of the same co-op mission shown to press a week ago. Elf-styled archer Thorn, swordsman Rath, combat botanist Myco, space marine Oscar Mike and human mountain Montana are the squad here and the video puts a lot of their different movement and attack styles on display. You can read more about what Gearbox is trying to accomplish with Battleborn right here.


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Are we finally seeing a rise in colours and character in big games? I hope so. This, Sunset over drive, splatoon...things are finally not looking muddy grey and brown